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May 15: Only 4 days left to Salva Basket Cup 2017 and it is perfect time to introduce our tournament patron Anatoli Krikun. Former Estonian basketball player who represented USSR national team. He is 1967 European Champion, 1968 bronze in Mexico Summer Olympics and 1970 bronze in World Championships. Now working as a basketball coach. And thanks to our tournament you all have a great chance to meet him, so start thinking what questions you would like to ask from our basketball legend.  #sbc2017 #bctartu

May 9: Our tournament is coming closer with each passing day and soon we will see you all on the basketball court.  But we have a little extra information about public transportation and free time activities for you.

All participants will receive a bus ride card which provides free public transportation during our tournament 18.05-21.05. Also bus schedules and city maps. Online bus schedule:;tartu-linn

In addition to our tournament you can find more exciting stuff to do and see in Tartu. Our partners AHHAA Science Center, Aura Waterpark and Estonian Sports and Olympic Museum have some special offers for all the Salva Basket Cup participants. Please let us know in advance to if you want to visit AHHAA Science Center or Aura Waterpark. ,   #sbc2017 #bctartu

Apr 7: We are happy to see that we have so many participants this year to our tournament. Right now we have made a draft of the tournament schedule. So it is always available for  You to see if we make any changes. Schedule is up on our homepage

If You have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact

#sbc2017 #bctartu

Feb 27: Saku KK drew the line to the age group 2006,  which also has now 12 teams. There is also only one spot left for age group 2004 boys. But 2007 boys and 2005 girls are waiting for more participants. #sbc2017 #bctartu

Feb 21: May is coming closer step by step and so is our tournament! We are more then happy to see that age group 2008 is now full with 12 teams! Also 2006 has only one spot left! So hurry if your 2006 team is looking for great games in the spring. Other age groups are still open for registration! #sbc2017 #bctartu

Feb 07: Some of our accommodation options are already booked full! We are very happy to see such interest in our tournament and welcome all guests in Tartu. However, please take a look at the options now and make plans accordingly, if you have not registered yet. See you in Tartu!

Feb 01: In the age group for 2008 boys we have already 8 teams who have registred to come to our tournament! Today entered Kohila SK/Märjamaa SK team from Estonia. But this doesn’t mean that the registration is over. You still have time. And other age groups are waiting to be filled, too!

Jan 18: We are glad to announce that the registration to Salva Basket Cup 2017 tournament has gotten a good start in the boys’ competition. In the 2004 age group, we currently have three teams from Russia, Pskov, Velikie Luki, and Komi Uhta,  and our own BC Tartu team. The 2006 age group also has one Russian team, Komi Uhta, and Estonian teams Nõo KK, BC Tarvas/Rakvere SK, Raplamaa and BC Tartu. The most popular age group as of now is 2008 where we have 6 teams – a Latvian team from Sigulda and Estonian teams Tartu Palliklubi, BC Tarvas/Rakvere SK, Rae Spordikool/KK Rae Koss, SK Nord and BC Tartu.

Registration is still open, so coaches and teams, don’t hesitate to register Yours!

2004 BOYS

  • Velikie Luki (RUS)
  • Komi Uhta (RUS)
  • Pskov (RUS)
  • BC Tartu/Torma (EST)
  • OLIMPIK-2011 (BLR)
  • Basketbola Klase (LAT)
  • Saku KK (EST)
  • Rapla KK (EST)

2006 BOYS

  • Nõo KK (EST)
  • BC Tarvas/Rakvere SK (EST)
  • BC Tartu Kotkad (EST)
  • BC Tartu Lõvid (EST)
  • Rae Spordikool (EST)
  • Raplamaa (EST)
  • DSN (LAT)
  • OLIMPIK-2011 (BLR)
  • SK Timirjazovskaja (RUS)
  • Basketbola Klase (LAT)
  • Saku KK (EST)
  • T.Soku KK/SK Nord (EST)
  • Vilnius SKM (LIT)
  • Rujiena (LAT)
  • Jõhvi SK (EST)

2007 BOYS

  • BC Tartu Kiskjad (EST)
  • Saaremaa SK (EST)
  • Ogre (LAT)
  • T. Soku KK/SK Nord (EST)
  • Rapla KK (EST)
  • Vilnius SKM (LIT)
  • Plunges SRC (LIT)
  • BC Tartu Kahurid (EST)
2008 BOYS

  • Rae Spordikool (EST)
  • Tartu Palliklubi (EST)
  • BC Tartu  (EST)
  • Sigulda (LAT)
  • BC Tarvas/Rakvere SK (EST)
  • T.Soku KK/SK Nord (EST)
  • Kohila SK/Märjamaa SK (EST)
  • Masu-Basket (FIN)
  • DSN (LAT)
  • TSK Altius (EST)
  • Rujiena (LAT)
  • BC Tartu II (EST)


 2005 GIRLS

  • Rapla Korvpallikool (EST)
  • Sigulda (LAT)
  • Ogre (LAT)
  • Plunges SRC (LIT)
  • Tartu Kalev (EST)
  • Valmiera (LAT)

Salva Basket Cup 2017 turniir toimub Tartus 19.-21. Mail 2017. Mängud toimuvad Tartu Ülikooli spordihoones, aadressil Ujula 4 Tartu. Turniiri ajakava ja alagruppide koosseis teatatakse hiljemalt 2. mail 2017.


  • Poisid sünniaastaga 2004
  • Poisid sünniaastaga 2006
  • Poisid sünniaastaga 2007
  • Poisid sünniaastaga 2008
  • Tüdrukud sünniaastaga 2005

TURNIIRI REEGLID:                                                                                                               

Mängitakse FIBA korvpallireeglite järgi, mida on kohandatud järgnevalt:

Täiendavad reeglid 2006-2008 sünniaastates:

  • Esimesel poolajal mängitakse viiskutega.
  • Kõik mängijad peavad saama mängida.
  • Keelatud on kasutada maa-ala kaitset;
  • Üleväljapressing on lubatud ainult teisel poolajal, välja arvatud juhul kui punktide vahe on üle 30. Selle reegli rikkumisel määrab mängu kohtunik reeglit rikkunud meeskonnale hoiatuse ja sellele järgnevalt tehnilise vea.


  • Selgub peale registreerimist. Iga võistkond saab 5 mängu.

Pallid ja korvid

  • Vanusegrupis 2004 mängitakse palliga nr 6 ja korvi kõrgus on 305cm.
  • Vanusegruppides 2005, 2006 ja 2007 mängitakse palliga nr 5 ja korvi kõrgus on 305cm.
  • Vanusegruppides 2008 mängitakse palliga nr 5 ja korvi kõrgus 260cm.


  • Mängitakse 4×7 minutit puhast aega. Lisaaeg on 3 minutit


  • Iga vanusegrupi kolme paremat võistkonda autasustatakse karikaga, võistkonna liikmeid medalitega. Autasustatakse ka iga võistkonna parimat mängijat ja viskevõistluse parimat. Kõik osavõtjad saavad diplomi ja meene.


Turniiritasu on 125 € meeskonna kohta. Turniiritasu peaks olema makstud ja meeskonna registreerimisleht saadetud hiljemalt 29. aprilliks 2017. 


Janeli Lilleallik

Tel: +372 5331 2872

Gert Prants

Tel: +372 5660 8314


Salva Basket Cup 2017 will be held in  Tartu, Estonia on 19th-21st May 2017. Tournament schedule and groups will be announced by May 2th 2017.


  • boys born 2004
  • boys born 2006
  • boys born 2007
  • boys born 2008
  • girls born 2005


Games are played according to FIBA rules with following amendments:

Additional rules in age groups 2006, 2007 and 2008:

  • 5 players can play on the first quarter and other 5 players on the second quarter.
  • All the players have to play.
  • Zone defense is not allowed

Full-court pressing is allowed only during second half and if the score difference is not over 30 points. If pressing is applied a warning and after that a technical foul is given for the team (stated by game referee).

Tournament system

  • Will be announced after the end of registration. All teams get five games.

Balls and basket height

  • Age group 2004 will play with ball size 6 and basket height is 305 cm.
  • Age groups 2005, 2006 and 2007 will play with ball size 5 and basket height is 305 cm.
  • Age group 2008 will play with ball size 5 and basket height is 260 cm.


Playing time

  • Playing time is 4 x 7 minutes (effective time) and overtime is 3 minutes.


  • Best three teams of each age group will be awarded with medals and trophies. All participants will be awarded with a diploma and a memorabilia. Also each team’s best player will be awarded.


Team fee is 125 € per team. Team fee should be paid and team rosters should be sent by April 29th 2017. Rosters sent to e-mail

Gert Prants – BC Tartu coach, organizer
Mob +372 5660 8314

Janeli Lilleallik – assistant, organizer
Mob +372 5331 2872

University of Tartu Sports Centre
Address: Ujula 4, 51008, Tartu
Phone: +372 737 6280


NB! Passes marked red are booked full!

A-pass (hotel Tartu, 2 nights + 7 meals)                                                                                                                            75€

(Extra night + dinner – 27 €)

Hotel Tartu – FULL BOOKED

Address: Soola 3, Tartu

Distance from the gym: by car 5 min

walking 20 min

Located in the center of the town, nearby are shopping centers: Tartu Kaubamaja, Tasku Shopping Center and Shoping Center Kvartal.


B-pass (hostel Tartu, 2 nights + 7 meals)                                                                                                                         70€

(Extra night + dinner – 26 €)

Hostel Tartu – FULL BOOKED

Address: Soola 3, Tartu

Distance from the gym: by car 5 min

walking 20 min

Located in the center of the town, nearby are shopping centers: Tartu Kaubamaja, Tasku Shopping Center and Shopping Center Kvartal.


B1-pass (guesthouse Tampere, 2 nights + 7 meals)                                                                                                        65€

(Extra night + dinner – 25 €)

Guesthouse Tampere Maja – FULL BOOKED

Address: Jaani 4, Tartu

Distance from the gym: by car 3 min

walking 12 min

Located in the heart of Tartu. Nearby are grocery stores Konusm and Rimi.



C-pass (hotel Starest, hostel Hektor, Tamme, Raadimõisa, KHK, 2 nights + 7 meals)                                                                 65€

(Extra night + dinner – 24 €)

Hotel Starest – FULL BOOKED

Address: Mõisavahe 21, Tartu

Distance from the gym: by car  10 min

walking 50 min

Nearby are grocery stores – Selver, Maxima and Prisma

Hostel Hektor – FULL BOOKED

Address: Riia 26, Tartu

Distance from the gym: by car 7 min

walking 30 min

Nearby is a grocery store Konsum.

Hostel Tamme – FULL BOOKED

Address: Tamme pst 1, Tartu

Distance from the gym: by car 10 min

walking 40 min

Nearby grocery stores Konsum and Maxima.


Hotel Raadimõisa – FULL BOOKED

Address: Mõisavärava 1, Tartu

Distance from the gym: by car 4 min

walking 25 min

Nearby grocery store Maxima.



KHK Hotel

Address: Kopli 1, Tartu

Distance from the gym: by car 12 min

walking 60 min

Nearby is grocery stores Selver, Konsum and Rimi.



D-pass (guesthouse Sõbra, 2 nights  + 7 meals)                                                                                                             45€

(Extra night + dinner – 16 €)

Guesthouse Sõbra Maja – FULL BOOKED

Address: Võru 132a, Tartu

Distance from the gym: by car 8 min

walking 35 min

Nearby is grocery store Maxima.

NB! Guests should bring their own bed sheets.



D1-pass (hostel Tamme on mat, 2 nights + 7 meals)                                                                                                        40€

(Extra night + dinner – 14 €)

Hostel Tamme on mat – FULL BOOKED

Address: Tamme pst 1, Tartu

Distance from the gym: by car 10 min

walking 40 min

Nearby grocery stores Konsum and Maxima.

NB! Guests should bring their own sleeping bag and a pillow.


E-pass (no accommodation and no meals)                                                                                                                          10€