SBC2014 – Information

International youth basketball tournament



The Tournament will be held in Tartu, Estonia on 24-25 May 2014

The games will start on Saturday 24th May at 12.00 a.m and Sunday 25th May at 9.00 a.m. The tournament will end on 25th May at 17.00.


  • boys born 2001
  • boys born 2002
  • boys born 2003
  • boys born 2004
  • boys born 2006


Games are played according to FIBA rules with following amendments:

  • Team consists of maximum 12 players and 2 coaches
  • For first half of game teams have two 1 min timeout, for the second half three 1 min timeouts


  • Age-groups 2001 will play with ball size 6
  • Age-groups 2002-2006 will play with ball size 5

Playing time 

  • In age-groups 2001-2004 playing time is  4 x 8 minutes (effective time) and overtime is 3 minutes
  • In age-group 2006 playing time is  4 x 6 minutes (effective time) and overtime is 3 minutes

Basket height

  • In age-groups 2001 and 2002 basket height is 305 cm
  • In age-group 2003-2006 basket height is 260 cm

Additional rules in age groups 2002-2006

  • Five players should play in the first period and one player is substitute, other five players should play in the second period and one player is substitute, all players can play in the third and fourth periods. Each player can play up to two periods.
  • Zone defense is not allowed
  • Full-court pressing is allowed only during second half and if the score difference is not over 30 points. If pressing is applied a warning and after that a tehnical foul is given for the team (stated by game referee).

Best three teams of each age group will be awarded with medals and trophies. All participants will be awarded with a diploma and a memorabilia. Also each team’s best player and the winner of Sportland Shootout competition will be awarded.


The competition will be played in tournament system, all teams play each other. All teams get four games.

Tournament schedule and groups will be announced by May 20th 2014.


Team fee in age groups 2001-2004 is 80  € per team and in age-group 2006 it is 40 € per team. The participation in tournament must be confirmed in written form till  May 1st 2014 by e-mail to

Team fee should be paid and team rosters should be sent by May 10th 2014. The fee should be paid to MTÜ Tartu Ülikooli Akadeemilise Spordiklubi’s account EE861010152001630003 SEB Bank.


Places     Price

A-pass (Tartu Vocational Center Hotel + 4 meals)                                       64           45,00

B-pass (Starest or Rehe Hotel + 4 meals)                                                      193         35,00

C-pass (floor sleeping in Tamme hostel + 4 meals)                                      30           25,00

D-pass (no accommodation + 2 meals)                                                                          10,00


If there are requests for additional accommodation or meals, please let us know by in advance, so we can organize them.



AURA Water Park – Special price 4 € per person,

AHHAA Science Centre – Special price 6 € per person, have to be registered before May 23rd 17.00 by phone +372 51 56 766 (Meelika Peetsmann)

Megazone Lasergames – Special Price 3 € a game per person (large groups should be registered in advance GSM +372

50 25 293)

Sportland sporting goods stores in Tartu – 25% discount



Contact Andres Ottender by phone +372 51 57 501 or e-mail